Barney Bear Goes to Farm

Puzzle 1993 Dos Free Spirit Software Education Nature simulation

A joyful, beautiful, edutainment for toddlers

Hardly ever have I stumbled upon a game with such cute and beautiful art direction, than this one, absolutely amazing for children due to the well chosen colors in pastel and the lack of very intense tones, for a very well calculated choice of graphical elements. The game, however, apart from the fact that is lovely, very summery in feel, it also has very well constructed puzzles, and along with that, it has very mindful control schemes, you know, that even children can grasp easily. And, for a game released in 93, I must give it to him, it sure did a good job, given that many such games, even good titles such as Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? had issues of control and immediately being recognizable. As such, the game, which also, at the time innovative, benefited from text to speech, a really amazing feat, had all the trappings that make a great game, looked beautiful, had carefully chosen puzzles, and furthermore, it had a lovely build, and hot spot puzzles as well as algebra, pattern recognition puzzles, special awareness and travel ideas and so on. So, yeah, cute and adorable, yet still capable of educative purposes and as I said, drawn lovely, pastel like, one of the very few to do that.

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