Wishbone and the Amazing Odyssey

Puzzle 1996 Windows Palladium Interactive Education Nature simulation

Bonkers but entertaining kid's historical adventure

The idea behind this obscure little edutainment title is remarkably bonkers and it is worth playing simply for that fact alone. It's a kid's adventure that stars a popular TV dog, Wishbone, who finds himself plucked out of time. In order to return home, he must re-enact Homer's Odyssey, taking the role of legendary hero Odysseus and following the route of his epic journey. Wishbone must interact with the various characters from the tale and investigate his surroundings, while also taking command of his own vessel and sailing around the Mediterranean, issuing orders to his crew as he goes. You also have a sort of encyclopaedia which can be accessed to provide further information about the period, with all sorts of facts on everything from timelines to characters to locations as well as a glossary of terms. Despite the rather bizarre concept of a time-travelling dog commanding a ship of might warriors, this is actually a surprisingly decent effort at bringing the period and Homer's classic tale to life and which should prove of interest to younger audiences, thanks to its mix of humour and adventure. The puzzles and questing are quite challenging but never frustratingly so, giving the game some good lasting appeal for slightly older kids and it must be applauded for making this somewhat impenetrable story accessible to audiences who traditionally find it difficult. The visuals are equally strong and create a good sense of the period, with some simply animated but well detailed and authentic-feeling environments and characters, while sound is also atmospheric. For something a little different and which might actually teach you something while also entertaining you, take a look at this.

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