Mixed-Up Mother Goose

Puzzle 1990 Dos Sierra On-Line Education Nature simulation

Fun puzzle game for children

The game is basically an update to the original mixed up mother goose and these updates have been quite pleasing. It is puzzle game with a theme for the children. The plot is that the game involves the fantasy world of characters which you have known in your childhood through rhymes. The rhymes have now all been mixed up and your goal in the game is to get them right again. For this purpose, you will be moving in the mother goose island through using a map and will interact with various characters from other rhymes so that you can spot the missing items in a particular rhyme. You will bring each item and will place them in their particular rhyme to complete it. The game is competitive in the sense that you have to remember the location where you saw other items when you took a particular one. The reason is that you have to come back to the other ones as well. The location of the items changed every time you play the game. The graphics in the game are alluring and well suited to the theme and the interface is also good enough. The music along with the rhymes when played after completion is very melodious. It a fun game to have and you can try it with another game like Orbits as both will serve as good addition to your collection.

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