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The House of the Dead 3 (pc game)
4.24 out of 5 (17 votes)
  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Introduction: presented by Sega
  • Intro: an echo from a tragic past
  • Shooting zombies
  • Reloading gun
  • One more hit
  • Cutscene playing
  • Those are the main characters
  • Use the mouse and hit the targets
  • A few bullets in his belly!
  • First stage boss
  • Right there!
  • Boss defeated!
  • Selecting floor
  • Another cutscene
  • A second player can join too
  • Save him
  • Game over
  • Shooting off the zombies head
  • Game over screen when you die
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Fun killing zombies game

It's a fun action game where the goal that you have is to kill zombies as they come from every corner and try to bob you down and kill you. The gameplay is simple, kill, kill and kill but the game has variety in terms of the action, the moves, the guns that you have and the paths that you can choose in the game. Starting off with the guns, the guns will range from low impact to high impact and being an FPS game you will really get a good feel of the action. The more you progress and kil and more zombies, the more you will unlock the guns to do some serious killing. The level designs in the game are quite diverse and you can choose a variety of paths to pursue zombies. Apart from the tough zombies, the bosses in the game are also very tough and they give you a very harsh time. Once you kill them, you will get power up and increase your chances to complete the game. Different paths will make you go for different fighting scenarios and this adds a lot of replay value to the game. The game is like its original version The House of Dead which has almost the same action.

Blast your way!

There are some of arcade genre games that don't have the same fun factory at home as the ones in the arcade. But luckily, there are some that are as fun at home. The prime example is the House of the Dead series, most notably The House of the Dead III, because I have played both the arcade version and the home port on the PC. Both versions are equally fun, in my opinion, and inviting over a friend to play along side you increases the fun. The gameplay is like in the previous installments, shooting zombies, reloading and repeat. There are some forks on the road, where you need to choose a path, which increases the replay value so you can complete the game by going on different paths. The boss fight are nice and challenging. The graphics and sound are superb. Nice job Sega! Overall, if you'd prefer to stay at home and play an arcade game, The House of the Dead III is the perfect game for you, but if you wish to go to the arcade and if the place has the game, go play it!