The House of the Dead 2

Action 1999 Windows Activision Shooter Horror Zombies

Brains! Yum!

In this era, when zombies and zombie apocalypses are extremely popular, this game would fit here like a glove. The House of the Dead is a horror gun rail shooter game that features the brain eating and dangerous zombie and - you guessed it!- they are your prey. The plot is a pretty typical and uninspired one, about a horde of undead people led by Caleb Goldman, who is an evil crazy scientist. Except zombies, there are also cool and scary monsters and much more. What is very cool about the game is the fantastic level design and the option to pick different routes, that provides a sense of variety in the game. There are also different endings, depending on the fate of the characters you control. The developers have depicted the violent, dark and scary atmosphere perfectly and while the voice acting are quite terrible and the enemies, in 3D, look hilarious comparing to today's graphical quality, the game is still nerve breaking and fear inducing. If you like dark, scary and violent games, you should totally check this game, or the game's final sequel, House of the Dead 3.

Overall, a very good rail shooter

The downsides are terrible voice acting, and a weak plot. That doesn't seem to matter as much considering this is a fast paced rail shooter. The constant changes in direction, multiple routes and directions of attack keep first time players on their toes. Particularly impressive is the different areas and intensities of damage possible in each type of zombie. The graphics are good, the best examples again being the levels of gore and detail in zombies. A good amount of levels and well designed levels. Overall, a very good rail shooter for its time, but has aged badly. Play for nostalgia, zombies and in some cases hilariously bad voicing.

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