Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Action 2004 Windows Activision Shooter Horror 3D action adventure Role playing Adventure

The best buggiest game I've ever played

This game was one of those games that would easily be overlooked because of its dark atmosphere, but underneath is a compelling rpg game that if given another 2 years of dev time, would have been well received. The story and well constructed levels were my drawing points. The game is buggy, probably the worst I've ever seen, but was still very well worth playing. There are plenty of user mods that have been developed over the years to fix these issues, so I would highly recommend this game to anyone that loves story rpg games. Download/buy it now.

An RPG I've Been Waiting For!

This is an amazing game that I really wish I had learned about earlier. Get. This. Game. This is an ideal game to me. It allows for an incredible amount of depth of choice and personalization by the player in character development, strategy, and dialogue. The story is set in a fictional universe that reminds me of True Blood with a pinch of Blade. There's a council of vampire clans that keep the rest in line and keep up "the masquerade". The player can choose among many different vampire clans or architypes, the smooth and suave, the bestial, magical, the hideous Nosferatu, and more. Then there's character development. You can choose from a plethora of character traits that improve your character's overall physical or mental prowess. There is also a high degree of freedom akin to a Grand Theft Auto game, the freedom to murder innocents, police, openly revealing yourself, or choosing to staying hidden. The game has an incredible amount of replayability, as there are many solutions to any singular problem. There is also a still thriving fan community to add content to the game. There are very very few games where your money, whatever you pay for this game, goes as far.

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