Requiem: Avenging Angel

Action 1999 Windows 3DO Company Horror 3D action adventure Shooter Fpp Sci fi

A horror and realistic atmosphere

Requiem: Avenging Angel is a 1999 action game that will show you a real fight between angels and demons from hell! Prepare for chaos, and play it! The developers put you in the shoes of an angelic character, a guardian with high powers named Malachi. Among his super abilities there are: shooting lightning from hands, reviving his life, flying, controlling others bodies, resurrecting in order to win people on his side. The plot consists in a war that took place in heaven, and a part of the demons were driven away. After a while, a second war is launched, the angels are exiled to Earth, where they are planning to destroy the human nature. Their souls arrive at Leviathan, an interstellar starship. Eventually, Malachi is sent to Earth to fight against the Fallen ones and all the evil forces. The atmosphere is extremely horrifying, with shocking sounds like suffering screams, and a funereal music. You will feel like being in a horror movie, so the realistic effects will keep you really frightened. At every step you will encounter blood traces, corpses, hanged bodies, faces that come out of walls, and many other scary elements and scenes. There are many defensive operations you can adopt, and some of them imply biblical approaches: turining the demons into salt, or launching plagues of locusts. As you proceed, you will gain more powerful powers and abilities. You can challenge your friends with a multiplayer session, because a horror game like this should have had such a mode. Time for avenging!

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