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Timequest (pc game)
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  • Title screen
  • Story details
  • Nice console
  • Check out the painting
  • A bit of exploring
  • A complex interface
  • Map screen
  • Don't forget to turn it on!
  • Getting ready to travel back in time
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Time, what is time?

The moral of this game is this - don't mess with time travel. In the future of this game, 2090., time travel has been discovered, and is under the regulation of a certain army force. It is strictly prohibited to travel back in time, since the changes that one can create my be catastrophic for the future. Unfortunately, one bad guy managed to go back in time and alter history, which may bring the today's world into total destruction. You are a private in that army and are in charge of going back in time to various locations and time frames and to change back history as it was. On these travels, you get to meet Moses, Cleopatra, Robin Hood and much much more of historical figures and see ancient Rome, mideval England, among other places. You even get to see the past and future self! The game is entirely non linear, since you can visit these time frames in any order you please, but keep in mind that some puzzles need items from a different time frame, so you'd have to go there and get them. The game is really interesting and the puzzles very imaginative and the graphics are pretty good, albeit limited to that time's graphical advancement. If you like puzzle adventure games like Escape from Monkey Island, you'll definitely like this one. Have fun!