Sam & Max Hit the Road

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox LucasArts Humorous Crime investigation Tales and legends Point and click Detective mystery

A fantastic and funny adventure game

LucasArts bring us another fantastic adventure game (much like the Monkey Island series), another graphical beauty full of fun, humor and excitement. The two characters (a dog and a rabbit) were already very famous from a comic book about them and this is the first game about them. The two hilarious private detectives got a call where they found out that a Bigfoot from a nearby carnival has escaped and kidnapped another one of their star attractions, are now in charge of finding them and bringing them back. The game is in a 2D environment and you control Sam in a point and click game style as he explores the surroundings and solves puzzles. Sam can walk around an area, talk to other characters, look at objects, pick them up or otherwise try to use them. Max is your side-kick and follows you around, but you can use him when you need him. The game is full of humor and witty conversations. I can't describe with words how beautiful the game is visually, but that is what I say about most LucasArts game. This game ranks with the best of them in terms of visuals. The colors are rich and bright, the image is clear and not pixelated, there are beautiful curves. It's like the whole game jumped out of a comic book. The voice acting is perfect, and professional actors were hired to give their voices to the game's protagonists. The music is also splendid. I think that this game will mostly attract the Sam and Max comic fans, and children too, because of the animals that have human characteristics, the beautiful art and the easy gameplay. And ALL adventure players will love the game because this game is definitely has a lot of it. Truly a gem, as expected from LucasArts. And you should totally see the other Sam and Max games, like Sam and Max, where the characters are in 3D.

Hilarious adventure game

Ready to roll on the floor laughing? So, download this first episode of Sam and Max and join them investigating on the bigfoot mysteries. Really crazy adventure game, here you should use all the creativity you have to solve the puzzle. So do not worry using your friend Max (the rabbit) as a hammer and be ready of making bungee jumping from the nose of the 4 presidents rocks. You sure will love this adventure game, one of the Lucas Arts gold period (early '90s).

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