Lost Dutchman's Mine

Adventure 1989 Dos Magnetic Images Cartoon Tales and legends Indie #n/a!

Collection of minigames stringed in an adventure

Each and every minigames in this collection can be played individually, and their styles of play have been explored before: there's a fishing game there, there's a cards selection of games, there are also a few other puzzles that can be played again and again as well. But, to string these minigames all tighter, the developers came up with an interesting premise. You are a newcomer to a town, brought there by rumors that a famous mine, has been reported nearby. So, each minigames depicts in a puzzle like manner the trials and tribulations of your settler, making each stage connected one way or another to the later ones. Thus, you'll find that the twist brings new value to playing the individual games, as you'll need the resources that these minigames can bring. While not too great individually, except maybe for the card minigames, Lost Dutchman Mine works great as a way to keep the collection fun, and you'll find yourself caught in its unpolished charms, trying gameplay stiles you wouldn't have otherwise considered worth trying. So, be waned, don't expect too much original gameplay, but if you're interested in a nicely presented collection, this sure is the way to do it.

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