Cadaver: the Payoff

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Bitmap Brothers Medieval Puzzle based

The continuation of Cadaver, just as good

I remarked in my previous review of Cadaver that the game had a sequel, this game here, Cadaver: the Payoff which added in some more content and fixed some bugs. Anyway, the gameplay is the same. You control your knight through a large castle, having to pick up objects, to fight monsters, and generally to find your way around so that you can get to the next stage. The game sports the Knight Lore type isometric perspective, which allows you to view your progress from somewhere above, not too far, and from a perfect 45 degrees angle. Graphically, the game looks the same as the original, but as I mentioned, it cleaned out a lot of the bugs and made the experience more cursive. I personally loved the original and found this one just as good, though not offering as much content as I would have liked. But then again, rather go for a shorter, more concise experience, one that is well done, than water it down and make it less shapely. Anyway, for adventure/action/Knight Lore fans, Cadaver: the Payoff is a definitive game to try.

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