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Tonic Trouble (pc game)
3.67 out of 5 (3 votes)
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  • Courtesy of Abandonware France.
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Rayman like 3D platformer

I don't know what kind of tonics the aliens in this game were using, but what happened was that they dropped a load of them onto Earth, and because of that everything got messed up. Thus, our Rayman like hero has to come in and try and save the day. And, like a good old Rayman like, he will have to do a lot of backflips, a lot of platforming and even a bit of positive action will have to be taken in order for the world to be taken to where it was beforehand. At any rate, Tonic Trouble is a colorful platformer, 3D and third person like, just like in the good old days of the Nintendo 64. It plays great, it looks even nicer and it controls simply and quite effectively, quite responsively. It's got quite a few aces up its sleeve, from the decors that are absolutely stunning to the animations that give it that extra edge. Thus, all things considered, if you feel like N64 on your PC machine, this has got to be the game to do it. Rayman like just the right amount, but a good, playable game all on its own.