Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Action 1999 Windows Gameloft S.A. Platformer 3D Adventure

Amazing platform game with solid gameplay

This platform game has a lot to offer than many in this genre and is surely among those games that have made a huge impact in terms of the variety and the depth of the gameplay. Before coming towards those features, let's just say that the graphics that it has are pretty good though not fantastic. They are well in line with the standards of its time but this game is still quite fun to play in this modern era. The plot is fictitious where the core of the earth has been destroyed by some pirate aliens and Rayman has been captured by them. So your mission is to restore the core and defeat the enemies which are quite fun and unique characters. The gameplay is the most exciting aspect of this flick as the fighting dynamics are very strong and smooth. You can engage your enemies, lock them and then start to throw fireballs. You can also charge your shooting which is a trait that we saw in Megaman series. You also have the ability to dodge the enemies when they attack you. There are hidden items and gems in the game which you will have to explore for use against the enemy and to earn points. Croc 2, the famous platform game is also one of my favorites.

Another great Rayman game

Rayman 2 has a strong story, loveable characters and great gameplay. Let's not say that the graphics and sound are superb. The story of the game is that the Glade of Dreams(the place where the game takes place) is being invaded by pirates from outer space, lead by Captain Razorbeard. The pirates destroy the Heart of the World which happens to be world core. This disables Rayman's powers and leads to his capture. your job is to the grip of the pirates and restore the core.The gameplay is pretty solid, you have a lot platforming and fighting sections. The fighting mechanic is well done. You lock-on to a target enemy, you can either shoot fireballs or charge your shot, like in the Megaman series on the NES/SNES, and can even dodge enemy attacks. There are even some hidden rooms in the game, that you need to find. There are some places in the game where you seem to be stuck. I have played the demo version and after 5 minutes of gameplay I've come to a dead end. This game really makes you think where you need to go to next.The graphics, sound and voice acting in the game are all pretty good and I especially love the voice acting of the antagonist. All in all, if you love platforming games, Rayman 2: The Great Escape is worth your time.

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