1994 Pool

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Ninano Software Pool or Snooker

A bit too crowded, interface wise, but highly playable

I can't find a lot of faults with this top down game. In fact, I want to congratulate it for not choosing to be a poor 3D, icky kind of deal, as was the habit in the early 90s. Nope, this game is a beautiful, well produced, well engaging game, one that has a nicely implemented set of physics. The balls bounce very naturally, the granularity of it all is just beautiful. Yes, at times you might still have to make some little adjustments that might not be fully represented graphically (fixing the cue ball, for instance, at very small gradation indentations). One of the issues I have with it though (and seeing that I have to resort to noticing this, it should demonstrate that there is quite little to criticize with this one (!) is the fact that 1994 Pool has too much clutter on the playing field; it might just be a personal preference than anything, but I find it a bit annoying. Else, it's totally playable, one of the best games of its period and the kind that, as I said, has that high granularity of controls, which makes it so much easier to enjoy. Similarly, download Arcade Pool for just as great a top down pool game.

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