Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker

Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Pool or Snooker

Snooker sim with a 3D mode that is rather poor

With Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker, the time wasn't too ripe for quality, if not HD, at least decent SVGA graphics. This means that a lot of the game decisions will have to e taken at random, or taking too much of a risk. At any rate, while I don't see why anyone would not want the latest and the greatest snooker game out there, the Jimmy Whites Whirlwind Snooker game is not at all bad, for its time though. You can play both with your mouse or your keyboard, and whatever you choose; the game will play just as nicely. All your modern controls are there, cue ball strength, point where you hit, English and so on. So, when all things are considered, you won't have any issues with it. But, in the end, you won't really be able to control the game as you would think and whether you win or lose you'll have to blame your luck for that. So, if you're interested in the evolution of the genre, sure, go for it, but otherwise it is not worth it. Rather go for the best and the greatest in the series, or if you have a slower PC or laptop, go for the best you can get to run for your machine.

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