Actua Pool

Simulation 1999 Windows Gremlin Interactive Pool or Snooker

Bottom corner, watch this!

There's a number of sports titles bearing the Actua brand, including Actua Soccer and Actua Tennis but most of them are fairly middle of the road efforts which don't stand up too well to the competition. Unfortunately, Actua Pool continues in that same general direction and while it's not awful, you're probably better off with Archer Maclean's Pool if you want the definitive take on the sport. As you'd expect, this is a pretty straight interpretation of pool and offers prospective players a number of modes and options to play through. These include two player mode, hustle, trick shots and tournaments, while a comprehensive tutorial is also featured. You'll face off against several different AI opponents, each of which has their own unique playing style and personality, while in order to give the game some visual variety, there are a few different tables to play on, as well as a mix of viewpoints, which allow you to switch between a 3D perspective and an overhead one. That's pretty much it for the game, in terms of features, and if you are looking for a new pool game, this isn't a bad one to choose, it's just a little lacking in overt appeal. The range of options is certainly satisfying and offers enough to keep you going for a while, and the computer puts up a pretty decent fight for the most part. The trick shots are fun too for a brief diversion, and the controls are simple enough to pick up. However, there's just something that's missing from the overall experience which is hard to put your finger on, so be prepared for a pleasant but not spectacular experience.

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