Arcade Pool 2

Simulation 1994 Dos Team 17 Pool or Snooker

Simplified pool simulator with an emphasis on trick shots

There is no shortage of pool simulators out there. Heck, go online and you'll probably be inundated by games that tackle the old cue ball and cue classic, however, most of them get lost in a thousand simulations of parameters and so on. But, if you want the correspondent of Sensible Soccer ported in a pool game, than the Arcade Pool Series and especially this second game in it, will fill that pocket. Arcade Pool 2 will not impress graphically. At this level, the game is a simple, 2D game, seen from above, from an isometric perspective. However, when it comes to the simplicity of the design and of the controls, the game is a very well balanced recipe. You can change the angle of the shot, and, with the aid of the assists get a good idea where the balls will land, enabling you to gain a tactical approach to the game. You can play the classic 8 and 9 ball versions of Pool, but you can also get lost in a myriad of preset trick shots. This third option gives the game a new lease of life, in that it allows you to put in so much more time in the game, given that more difficult trick shots will take a lot of thinking and of preparation. So, Arcade Pool 2 is a great pool simulator, that never becomes cumbersome due to too many options. When you want a simple arcade game that plays well, this is a very good one from back in the day.

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