2400 A.D.

RPG 1987 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Top down Science Fiction

Be a revolutionary leader on planet XK 120!

Clad in RPG clothes, this is the first game form Origin to offer you the chance to change the entire history of the town of Metropolis. Not the town which was the setting of the movie with the same name, but at any rate, the scene is futuristic as well and there are also robots, which you will be rebelling against. Therefore, the game tasks you with this central quest, but don't worry there is lots of mission in between, which will keep you quite busy. Be warned though, this is a tougher RPG, which, though not unfair, raise the difficulty bar quite a bit. So, make sure you do your apprenticeship in some other classic RPGs first so you'll be up for the task at hand here. Graphically you should not expect too much, but a 2D seen from above type deal, which works great but is by no means something to get excited about or write home! Well, it's at any rate better than The Bard's Tale which sure is a relief, but again, you won't be playing this because of the looks, but for the little humor filled snippets of story (the problems of the future society are just delightful, pay attention to the dialogues!) and for the joy of being a revolutionary leader!

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