Adventure Construction Set

RPG 1985 Dos Dosbox Ariolasoft Top down Fantasy Science Fiction

Create your own little 2D RPGs

Hmm, today I'd assume that anyone actually using this tool to make a fully featured game is just hunting for that minimalists 80s styled simplicity, although I'd argue that I'd sure play that game if it had a cool story! At any rate, what Adventure Construction Set offers is the tools to create an RPG, in a top down Zelda like or, rather, a Rogue like game, though with actual tile based graphics rather than ASCII characters. Simplicity can also be a blessing, as you won't really be able to languish a lot on the graphical design, rather being forced to tell your story using as little as possible. Teaching wise, I don't know, I think that design skills can be entertained by any type of game making construction set, though certainly, you're not going to jump from this thingy to a job in the industry. But, for messing around or for the random generation option the game packs, I think it can find a niche for some. Granted, you're not going to create works of art, but then again, your imagination will get some much needed kick still! Anyway, if you want, you can try your hand at wargame construction with the Wargame construction set, which lets you design your own scenarios and campaigns. Whichever oldie development kit you prefer!

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