Rescue at Rigel

RPG 1983 Dos Dosbox Epyx Top down Science Fiction

1 hour to save humanity!

A number of humans are on a Moon base. However, they are no longer safe there, and need to be transported away from the base via a rescue vehicle. Your job will be to take them there, one at a time, while making sure you keep them alive, while you make sure that no perils get to them or any of the alien enemies. It's a top down, 82 release, thus the graphics are very simple, made out of lines and a few colors. Still, the top down perspective and the amount of detail poured into the game are enough to create a nice atmosphere, and you will find yourself rushing through many of the areas, trying to be smarter than your enemy. Each new human transported will also offer you a different, and generally harder mash of enemies, but, for the most part the game is pretty well produced and also quite responsive to controls. It sure isn't a pretty game, but the action will keep you active throughout, and you won't have time to see the lack of details in the game. Similarly, download Ant Attack, for yet as simple a game, but very satisfying nonetheless.

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