3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night

Simulation 1996 Windows Sierra Pinball

Creepy stuff

Pinball games are one of those things you either love or hate, with fans adoring the pure pursuit of high scores, while non-addicts just see them as pointless affairs where all there is to do is bounce balls around. Creep Night is a horror-themed pinball game and, if you do enjoy the genre, stands alongside Pinball Dreams and Pro Pinball as a a fine example. If you don't them though, this isn't going to convert you, so don't bother trying. What you have here is a collection of tables, all dressed up in a horror motif, with ghosts, ghouls, haunted castles and so on making up the obstacles and backgrounds, and as ever, the point of it all is simply to rack up as many points as possible before losing your balls down the holes. You also have a handful of mini-games to play as well, and which can help you get even more points, but to be honest, that's about all there is to this. In its favor, Creep Night does play a good game of pinball. The physics, a key part of any such game, are pretty much bang on, with realistic ball movement which never feels cheap or unfair. The visuals too are decent enough, with plenty of detail on the tables and some nice special effects. The tables themselves are varied and challenging, with a good range of features that should keep most dedicated fans happy for some time, while the mini-games add a bit of extra appeal. The sound too is crisp and adds to the atmosphere, while the controls are as simple and intuitive as you would expect. If you are on the lookout for a new pinball game, then this is a solid investment, but otherwise, this is not for you.

A fantastic and fun Sierra game

Sierra does it again! I have played a lot of Pinball games through my history of gaming, and this is by far the most beautiful and fun one I have played so far. 3-D Ultra Pinball is just one in a series of Sierra's Pinball 3D games and has a very cool theme -Creep Night. In a Halloween fashion, this game has tables that look like haunted houses and castles, little green goblins (that look more cute that scary, but all right xD), ghosts and much, much more. The tables are fantastically designed, full of rich detail and great 3D volumes that exceed any other 3D pinball game. There are a lot more bumpers than in you average pinball game, and the game is a lot harder than on average. The animation is splendid, and won't cause the game to lag even with all that rich design that might slow down normal computers. The music is also splendid. Oh, and there is even a little mini game that has nothing to do with pinball, but is still kinda fun - you have goblins who are pulling ropes in a certain pattern, and you have to repeat the same pattern on your own, a little memory game. The game is a whole lot of fun, insanely addictive and breathtakingly beautiful. Fantastic job, Sierra, just what I expected out of you! For more 3-D Pinball games from Sierra, try 3-D Ultra Pinball: The Lost Continent.

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