Pro Pinball: The Web

Simulation 1995 Windows Dosbox Empire Interactive Pinball Futuristic

Mature, well built pinball recreation

The Pro Pinball: The Web game manages to recreate a genuine pinball experience very nicely. All the amenities are there: great graphics for the time (which in retrospect don't really look that dated today either) a well balanced physics engine that is at the helm of each pinball table, cushions, blasters, roll cages and so on, as well as the ball itself. The look and the angle from which you watch every match is a well chosen one. It is similar to the one you would expect if you were leaning in front of a machine while trying to push the buttons yourself. In terms of the graphics, their quality, there aren't any portions in the game that will feel badly done or ugly, so, obviously, you are going to have a great time with it. Pro Pinball: The Web is thus a very playable pinball recreation, sporting pinball tables that are based in reality. The careful and true to life physics that govern the simulation will aid you in sinking in the game for a lot of time, and some of the tables will become your digital pinball friends quite fast, as they are well designed and well produced.

Two thumbs up!

It's been a long while since I have played a good pinball game, either in real life or on the PC. Nowadays, you can find a lot of pinball games and most of them aren't bad at all. I have searched high and low to find a good such game for my old PC and Pro Pinball: The Web has caught my attention. I wouldn't have guessed that Empire Interactive has made a pinball games. Nonetheless, they made a lot of great arcade games, one them being the famous Ford Racing series. Now what's so special about Pro Pinball? Well, in term of gameplay there's not much to say other than it's a regular pinball game, but there are some things that I haven't seen in other pinball related video games, like having two balls at the same time. This feature was more famous in game like Breakout, but it's nice that the developers have implemented it here. The perspective in this game makes you feel that you're playing an actual pinball game. The graphics look superb, but the sound is not something too special, it's what you hear from a pinball machine, but the music, when it starts, is kick-ass! In conclusion, anyone who loves pinball, will enjoy this game as well.

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