Pinball Dreams

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Digital Illusions CE AB Pinball Futuristic

Become a real pinball fanatic with this classic!

Pinball Dreams is an arcade pinball simulator of the 90s. Although there are numerous such games, this classic is worth a try for the fans of this genre. There are four tables with several themes. I loved the artistic design of the tables, the dynamism and nice sound effects that accompany the entertaining gameplay. Even that the game is old, it covers all the important elements of a complete and fun pinball game. The flippers are moved by the two Shift buttons, and the Tilt option is enabled by the Spacebar. The pinball maniacs will have a blast when they will see the bouncy, attractive and lively tables, and if you are not a huge pinball enthusiast, you will shortly become a real fanatic! A game with a smooth gameplay, colorful and compelling animations and well-designed graphics! Learn to be a pinball expert, apply your best strategies in guiding your ball properly through the table's ramps and win the big Jackpot and significant bonuses! If you and your friends are bored (up to eight players are allowed), Pinball Dreams will keep you hyper-active and absorbed for long hours!

A great pinball adventure

Although there are virtually a million various pinball games, this one was a big hit when it came out in 1992. I think this game is famous because of its "Less is more" take on the making - there are no unnecessary flashy lights, no screaming colors or a million other cool and fancy features. This game is so simple, and that makes it so great. The only think I mind with this and other games like this (such as Slam Tilt, which is one of the game's sequels) is that you don't get the view of the whole table at once, but rather the camera follows the ball as it bumps along the table. I like the game's simplicity in its originality and the great soundtrack with cool sound effects during the game. There are 4 tables, each with a theme of its own, so you practically get 4 fun games in one. My final ruling is that this is a very good pinball game, with simplicity which makes it only better, but if you are more for a flashy pinball game, try out Slam Tilt or Judge Dredd Pinball

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