3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball

Simulation 1998 Windows Sierra Pinball

Pinball with a NASCAR racing flavor!

I bet you could flavor Pinball with absolutely any theme you'd like. In fact, the beauty of pinball is that it can put you in a mindset that is very creative, as you can imagine your actions in a hundred thousand different ways. Your hit of a flipper can mean the devastation of an entire continent in the right game, or it can be the gentle flapping of a butterfly's wing just as well But, in order to take you places, Pinball has to be original. No, it's not just enough to paint the table with colors and sparkle that are stolen from a certain type of environment, etc, the game has to have an internal logic and progression based on that logic of its own. So, does 3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball do that? Well, I'm happy to say that it does. You see, the race is the playing of pinball, and as you'd imagine that takes place both in the circuit as well as in the garage and pit stop! Yap, all of these elements are represented. There are areas that need to be visited to change your tires, to refuel and overtaking is also nicely represented. The game makes use of flawless controls, crisp, immediate, all the jazz. Also, the layouts of the tables are really well designed and the hitting of the required targets is in the cards as long as you have the skill, it won't be impeded by the physical engine. While I do maintain that 3D Ultra Pinball is my pinball machine (digitization!) of choice; I must give it to 3D Ultra NASCAR Pinball: it sure does the Pinball NASCAR marriage justice!

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