7 Colors

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Board games

A psychedelic color based, diamond shaped shuffler puzzle

In the word of this game there are only two constants: the fact that the world consists solely of 7 primary, rainbow colors, and, also, the fact that the world is made out of diamond shaped pieces that can't wait to be shuffled around and mixed about. At any rate, when all is said and done, 7 Colors is a fairly cool game, a hands down puzzler, one that is all about taking control of the table and turning it to the color of your design as much as possible. It's like a much complicated Jewel Quest game or at least so it appears when you look at it from a distance, but, after a while, you will find that the game is quite a bit more interesting and has a few nuances to itself that these much more simpler games don't have. Though it's not inscrutable, quite on the contrary, so don't base your judgment of it solely on watching a gameplay video of it for a few seconds. Anyway, it's a timewaster experience, well produced in cool 2D graphics, colorful as the title suggests and with as cool an execution as you'd think. Download it and see it up close.

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