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All filler no killer

If you've played a game called 7 Colors, then you might think that Filler looks a bit familiar. Don't worry, it's not your eyes that are tricking you, as this is the original Russian version of this clever colour-based puzzler/board game. As with all the best such games, the objective here is simple but strangely compelling and if you enjoy titles like Scrabble, Chess and Tetris then you should find this of interest. The game pits two players against one another and charges them with controlling the board with which they are presented. This board is filled up with diamonds of varying colours and each turn, the players are able to choose one of these colours. All diamonds of the corresponding colour adjacent to the player's territory then change to that colour, thus expanding the player's territory, with the ultimate aim of taking over half of the board. That is basically it in terms of gameplay, but there are a few options such as the ability to play against a human or computer-controlled opponent, and to adjust the time limit and the size of the board. Filler is certainly best played again a human player and in this fashion it becomes a highly strategic and largely engaging experience. Of course, the visuals re nothing to write home about but it's the complex and involving gameplay which is the star here and if you are attuned to the sort of playstyle that such a game requires, then there is much to amuse you here. Playing the game on different boards adds to the challenge and you really have to think hard about your moves, so if you are into games which require such planning, then this is for you.

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