911 Paramedic

Simulation 2002 Windows Legacy Trade or management Life simulation Business

Paramedical sim, minimalist but well produced

The way this one is produced, it's like a collection of puzzles, all of them based around the work and activities, in the first part, of becoming a paramedic, and later on, of practicing paramedical procedures. Graphically the game is well done, almost photo realistical, but it's not a very immersive experience. At least not in the way that a fully 3D game would have been. Nope, in this one you get offered a number of prerendered statics and in there you have to get an activity done, whatever it might be. And of course, there is resuscitation, moving a patient from the ground to the ambulance, and many more. There is a certain educational value in it, but certainly, it is not an edutainment bundle, so don't think it will help you navigate the treacherous land of paramedic training. Though, with its 40 scenarios, there is some to be learned from it, though, as I said, this is not an educational material, though it stays in the realm of being believable most often. A good alternative could be Emergency Room: Code Red, an emergency room set puzzler.

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