Becher Bar

Simulation 2001 Windows Trade or management Business

Be an iron fisted bar manager!

Becher Bar allows you to manage your own little virtual bar, sort of in the style of other food management games out there. Your restaurant business can be quite demanding at times, but you control as much or as little (almost, well, some activities cannot be evaded!) as you like. It starts with the interior design, from the tables, the green decorations (plant life!) the floors, the lighting, everything little detail is covered by the game, actually. The cool thing is that it doesn't just give you more to worry about without purpose, nope, something as seemingly insignificant as indoor lighting and table setting can have great impact on the disposition of your patrons. But, soon enough you'll find that this is more of a commercial than a game, as most of the beverages are Jan Becher creations, something that can really rustle the feathers of those that don't like being advertised to while they game. If that is the case (and if alcoholic beverage consumption encouragements don't really seem okay to you!) you might fall in love with the less threatening Lemonade Stand manager, which, as the name suggests puts you in charge of a lemonade stand. Whichever quenches your thirst!

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