Capitalism 2

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Top notch business sim

If you've ever fancied dipping your toes into the business world, but have found it all a bit intimidating, then Capitalism 2 is the game for, offering as it does a fun but complex and accurate strategy experience. The overall aim of the game is fairly, and requires players to create and control the ultimate business empire using any combination of marketing, manufacturing, importing and retailing to achieve their dreams. However, while the aim may be simple, in practice things are a lot more complicated, but this is where Capitalism really shines. The options available here are virtually limitless and while the complex set of mechanics ensure a high level of realism, the game is never less than accessible, thanks to its highly accessible nature. A neat tutorial introduces players to the core concepts gradually, but for more eager players, it is possible to jump straight in to the open game and really get stuck in to the nitty gritty. This is not a game for those who crave fancy graphics or action, nor is it another SimCity or Civilization clone (although it will appeal to fans of both these games), but instead it is a thoughtful, deep and involving experience that really tests your business strategies and uses extensive real-world concepts. Don't let this put you off however, as even newcomers will be able to pick things up fairly quickly and it is incredibly satisfying when all your plans come together, your product succeeds and your competitors crumble in your wake, bringing you one step closer to global domination. Certainly not one for casual gamers, as it is also immensely addictive, Capitalism 2 is a first-rate business sim.

What is more important than Money?!!

Capitalism 2 is a game that, while unapologetic, it sure has a bit of a tongue in cheek thing going for itself; what I mean is, yeah, it is a game about amassing wealth and power and using it in the most irresponsible ways possible, even at the expense of the world, like a cancer, but on the other, by allowing you to take it this far, it shows you that economic growth, unregulated, can be damn irresponsible and almost criminal. So, in a way, Capitalism 2, along with, say, Sim City, allows us to see that we do, indeed live on a planet that is finite, that can only be exploited so much until it explodes, or rather, implodes, under its own weight. At any rate, if CEO management is where you want to be playing as, this is the perfect game to do it, for better or for worse. It's a really deep simulation game, so anything is possible, even a corporation that doesn't want to see the world fall! Play it if you really love simulation games, especially the ones poised on economic manipulation and trade.

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