Interact Play VR

Adult 2001 Windows Illusion Role playing Interactive

Vile and abhorrent

The followup to the equally vile Interact Play and similar to the obscene RapeLay, this is a disgusting piece of work that should never have been allowed to see the light of day. Any self respecting gamer would be advised to stay away and we can only hope that such things are consigned to the past and that they are swiftly forgotten. The player takes control of a young man who likes stalking young women on train stations, and then engaging in criminally offensive actions such as molesting them, before building up to worse things. There are several stages to the game and there are five girls, each with distinct personalities, to approach. First you must follow them unnoticed onto a train, then you begin physically touching them and so so, with the overall goal being to seduce them before the train stops and which allows you to take them to a secluded area where things get even more intense. Most of the actions are carried out by using the mouse on the appropriate body part and building up the Ecstasy bar while ensuring the Resistance bar doesn't overflow. This really is a poor excuse for a game which has absolutely no reason to exist. On a purely technical level, it's low grade stuff, with unimpressive and unrealistic visuals while the gameplay is all but non-existent. However, it's on a moral level that the game truly fails as it is absolutely repellent and it really is shameful that such a game even exists. There are many games out there which can claim to be the worst ever, but this one is so bad and offensive that it would be better for everyone if it simply did not exist.

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