Brutish Mine

Adult 2000 Windows Illusion Interactive

Final Fantasy plus porn

Brutish Mine is something of an oddity. On the surface it seems like a fairly standard bit of Japanese Final fantasy-style RPG action/adventure but scratch a little deeper and you'll find some pretty explicit adult content which might just turn off a lot of players. It's a game which needs some kind of selling point though, as without the adult material, it's pretty uninteresting stuff except to diehard genre fans. The story takes place in a near future where the destruction of the environment has created several distortions in space and time and which in turn has led to the appearance of monsters on Earth. These monsters look like humans but have amazing powers. The player takes control of an ordinary boy who finds himself caught up with an organization dedicated to hunting down these creatures and thus begins an epic adventure of a fairly typical kind. The gameplay here is standard JRPG stuff, as you control a party of three and explore, engage in turn-based combat, pick up quests and all the usual things one normally sees in this kind of thing. The adult content on display here is either going to make you want to play the game or turn you off completely. It can be pretty explicit at times so consider this before playing. However, without this aspect to make it stand out, Brutish Mine is just too ordinary to wholeheartedly recommend. Although the story is vaguely interesting, everything else is so overly familiar that you just feel like you're going through the motions. It's not a bad game, just one without any real identity of its own so bear this in mind.

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