Strategy 1990 Dos Softdisk Publishing Cards

Solitaire variant, with the cards laid in a row

Accordion is a proper, well produced Solitaire variation whose original idea is that the cards all comes in one single row, and, as the bellows of an accordion, you have to organize them in ascending order of their value. You can play against a timer, or in order to complete the game in as few moves as possible; also, another option that also makes sense in Accordion is that you can mix these two modes, but that's recommended only after you've learned the game a little. Graphically, Accordion is pretty decent, simple, classic, 8bit DOS, and that can be enough for most players. You might feel that the animations could have been a little more lively, but then again, since it works, and works properly, I don't think you'll mind it. Plus, graphically, Accordion shows its age pretty well, so, with that in mind, I think that no one would expect anything other than what Accordion offers! Else, another good card game is Ante-Up at the Friday Night Poker Club, a cool poker game, a bit more developed graphically, which is why it's definitely worth looking into. But none of these games will disappoint, of that you can be sure.

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