Stanford Wong Video Poker

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If you're in the market for a detailed and analytical poker title that is going to help you improve your game, then this has to be on your list of things to check out. You can just choose to play this a regular poker game, and enjoy it in this respect alone, as you win or lose digital money, but it's the addition of the analytical tools which really mark it out as something different. There are plenty of options on display here, including the choice of standard cards or casino video cards as well as a couple of multi-player modes for when you want to take on a human player, although the computer is pretty challenging in its own right. There's also plenty of choice in regard to how much advice the computer gives you, so whether you're a novice or an old hand, there's something for you here. The tutor and statistical analysis on offer here are both highly impressive, with genuinely good advice being offered by the computer which, if followed and absorbed, should help you improve. The stats side of things is handled smoothly and unobtrusively, so if you're not interested in this aspect, it's easily ignored but if you are into this sort of thing, then it too is very helpful and much appreciated. The graphics aren't up to much, lacking in the visual flash of later casino games like Trump Castle but they do the job well enough. The interface though is simple and intuitive, making picking up the game a breeze. The only real problem with the game is that it has been superseded by other better games such as Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice but other than this, this is a fine poker game.

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