House of Cards

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox Mastertronic Cards

Mastertronic collection of card games; 6 of them!

House of Cards is a card game bundle containing 6 of Mastertronic's earlier releases. You'll find cribbage, in there, you will find spaces, hearts, a cool fully fledged bridge game, also a gin rummy sim. With the exception of cribbage and rummy are the only ones that are 2 player games, which can be played vs. the AI while the rest are played vs the PC only. It's a graphically compelling bundle, with all of the entrants sharing similar styles of production; the games look alright, they have advanced VGA graphics, with crisp backgrounds and crisp cards, and they are also fully featured in terms of the way they look, when having to deal with the interfaces. So, no complaints here, the games are polished enough, in top down 2D, easily readable. Plus, Mastertronic took care to produce them in such ways, graphically, that they are easy on the eyes, with such ideas as making the tablecloth tiles that cool green, which is easy on the eyes and quite natural. Another good alternative, for parlor type games is Hoyle Classic Cards Games, similarly well produced and with its own distinct graphical production style, that you'll definitely enjoy a lot.

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