Ante-Up at the Friday Night Poker Club

Strategy 1990 Dos ComputerEasy Arcade style Cards

Uninspired but playable poker sim

Man, you'd think that just going for a classic, clean option to play a game of poker, or at least having this as a separate option would be on the minds of the developers. But no, they had to go for a visual theme that almost makes your eyes bleed, a very intense, out of place blue, that simply doesn't belong in a game like this one. So, all things considered, yeah, mechanically the game is playable. At least they got the rules of Poker right. But, here's the deal, there are tons of games to choose from that offer you poker as well. Just see one of them Hoyle game bundles for a poker simulation and you'll see how easy it is to create a palatable experience. So, yeah, while perfectly playable, everything about this game is just aggravating; the little animations, the hard to read card packs, the backgrounds, everything. Stay away from it, not because it is unplayable, but because it doesn't look good. Or just see some picts/videos and make your own mind about it. At the least it's got Texas Hold Em, 5 and 7 card draw and 7 stud, plus an alright tutorial for all of these game modes.

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