Actua Tennis

Sport 1998 Windows Infogrames Racket

Polished enough but rather repetitive tennis sim

Actua Tennis is Infogrames take on tennis digital recreations. The game, released in 1998 is a good sim, with the same feel that was generalized in the Actua series. Actua, stood for good simulations, keeping the game simple and without no extra thrills attached. So, too, feels Actua Tennis, which offers a good host of players, animated just right, though a little stiff to control, a few different stadiums and different playing surfaces, and above all, a good enough experience to keep you close to the monitor for a few matches. Today, with games such as Wii Tennis, which allow you to control your racket directly, by swinging your actual hand, Actua Tennis might feel like a long time lost relic, but if you are used to control schemes that are managed through the keyboard for such game, you will not have a hard time sinking into this one. The level of polish, as I mentioned, is not extraordinary, and at times you will feel that this game got lazy during critical periods. But, at any rate, if you enjoy the Spartan presentation of the Actua series, Actua Tennis will offer a good enough game to merit the time spent playing.

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