Actua Soccer

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One of the first soccer games to sport a fully 3D interface

I don't know what makes this game more interesting, the historical value it has, with its 3D graphical engine or the fact that in spite of being such an early game to do it, it still manages to be playable! I guess, these 2 ways of looking at it are both pluses that the game sports. The 3D, for such an early game is pretty impressive. The players are full 3D, so no sprites in a 3D environment. The animations are relatively blocky and the physics are really simple, but yet again, they manage to work. Yes, given the advances in the genre so far, you'll have quite a hard time keeping this as your get go soccer action game, even from the bygone era of the mid 90s, but nevertheless, Actua Soccer will not disappoint once you learn what it is all about. Any letdowns? Sure, you will not feel as if you are playing against more than one or two teams for the duration of the game, and so, you will not feel as if you are wasting your time, but neither as if you are exploring an innovative, modern game. So, thread carefully, but be sure that this game has enough entertainment value in it for hardcore soccer fans of the 90s era.

Simple but fun soccer game

Actua Soccer is a soccer sports videogame developed and published by Gremlin Interactive. The game is one of the first sports games that has made full use of 3D graphics and environments, elements never been seen before. Actua Soccer is a simple sports game where you pit two team against each other and let the best one win. The controls are quite simple and can be mastered rather faster than in most recent games in the series. The commentators, which are one of the most important elements in any sports game, are doing the job very well. So all is nice up to this point, but something's is amiss. Oh yeah, you can't play as any club team, like Manchester United. Only national teams are available in this one, however they fixed this issue with the re-release of the game known as Actua Soccer: Club Edition, even though they only added teams from the Premier League.

Soccer game of '96

This sports soccer game released by VR Sports in 1996 (as the title suggests), has quite a nice gameplay compared to it's contemporary FIFA 96.The graphics are slightly better than FIFA 96 and it has many camera angles, too many sometimes, the angles twisting your perception of the match whilst it's contemporary makes a great experience with it's multiple views. The camera angles can be quite annoying sometimes, the pan view being useless for example. The matches are constantly commented by a game commentator and in a neat fashion as well. The game has 44 international teams to match with and 7 playmodes that include Friendly, Arcade, Simulation, Practice, Cup and League. The game can be played by 1 or 2 players, in the 2-player-mode the players being able to play against each other or against the AI. It also has extensive options menu that you can activate, options such as free-kicks, game length, wind speed, substitutions etc.If you want to try out a classic soccer game, VR Soccer '96 is ok to satisfy your need.

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