Adventure Fun-Pak

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Apogee Humorous Strategic scope

Actually fun action and puzzle game pack!

Adventure Fun-Pak is a bundle of a few action and puzzle games, containing games such as Rogue Runner, Night Bomber, the adventure/action Raiders of The Forbidden Mine and the game The Thing. Now, some of these games were shareware era games that had releases of their own, such as The Thing. The rest are just simple adventures, with loads of puzzles to complete, and with a mind that hinges on just offering you as much bang for your time, with very limited resources. In The Forbidden Mine, for instance, just like in Diamond Digger you are an explorer of a mine that is full of diamonds, but also full of perils and dangers. So, as you can imagine, it takes a while to get around to collecting your diamonds, and then trying not to get the mine collapse on you, as some areas, once mined can bring about a flood, and that's game over! Plus, you have to navigate your way around the baddies, which are lurking about. The entire roaster of games shares the same simple graphics makeup, and for the most part the games look alright, with their simple 2D, top down or sidescroller graphics. So, it's actually a fun pack, even if a very budget oriented one!

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