Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Infocom Humorous

A fun text based adventure

A great text based adventure game. To begin with you have to register your software license, which is loads of fun, but just type in whatever, but it even asks you your favorite color and your boyfriends/girlfriends name, which is pretty personal for a software license. The game is very similar to the original Zork text based games, where you start off out the front of a house next to a mail box. You need to be familiar with the text based adventure game genre to know all the commands as they are all fairly alike in most adventure games. For example, LOOK, EXAMINE, NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, OPEN, USE, these sorts of commands are all necessary to get through the game with success. The game a few times has told me to refer to the manual when I am trying to enter commands, so I assume this would come in handy. The game like most text adventure games, it is set in a fantasy world where everything is a parody and every character a little eccentric. The way these games are made, really do make you feel like you in a virtual reality world, by using a bit of imagination. The thing I like about these games is, it really does give feel like the game is giving you the freedom to do anything and say anything, even though it can be fairly limited to specific commands to progress. If you don't feel like picking up a book and aren't in the mood to play a video game, try Beaucracy out, it is a mixture of both, is really well written and is still fun to play, all these years on. The game revolves around a sci-fi plot, that reminds me of the movie Brazil or a George Orwell novel. A good text based adventure game, can still take you in for a few hours even in the days of computer generated imagery.

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