The Thing

Adventure 1988 Dos Apogee Text based

Great Scary Game

This is a horror game when the genre was young. I have to be upfront and admit that I was not very good at it and could never get very far, but I still liked it. Why would anyone like a game they were no good at? Well, I think that says a lot about this game. This game takes place shortly after the events of the first movie as some explorers travel up to the arctic base where the disaster happened. It's not long before you find tape recordings, logs, and journal entries that explain what the creatures are, that they are shape shifters, mutates, and can only be destroyed with fire. What I love about this game is how much you are forced to think. Up in the Arctic Circle, you have to find or make fire. There are blow torches, flares, explosives, and more. These creatures cannot be stopped otherwise, which I think makes them quite horrifying. Resources like fire, ammo, and health are all very limited, adding to the tension of the game. It gets awfully lonely exploring the base alone most of the time, adding to a strong feeling of isolation. This is a worthy sequel to the movie and not some cheap tie-in. I warn you, it's difficult, and it's possible to save yourself into a corner where you do not have enough resources, ammo, or health to progress. It will be frustrating.

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