Adventure 1986 Dos Mindscape Thriller Strategic scope

Lots of action from the later 80s; Tank style!

In Infiltrator you will mostly be bound to the metal confines to the machinery you will be operating, a sort of futuristic tank, from which you will look for enemies and shoot everything that stands in your way. It is delivered in the best first person experience that the later 80s could offer you. Yes, it might not be as much as you'd think, but it sure does give you quite a bit of enjoyment. At any rate, Infiltrator knows how to keep itself interesting, and by that I mean the fact that it can be quite diverse. There are portions when not a lot happens and then you are met by barrages of action, well coordinated and pretty interesting in that it challenges you to find a way to go past it. Overall, a great game, sure enough, underwhelming graphically, but without question nice enough. The level of polish is alright, as you'd expect, but nothing extreme. Some textures of the interior of the tank and the outside world might get tangled, but that won't take you out of it. So, if you like it, also download Infiltrator 2 which adds some classic adventure portions to it all and has less tank portions.

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