Agon The Mysterious Codex

Adventure 2006 Windows Plug In Digital Mystery 3D action adventure

You won't be bored here

The AGON series is a set of episodic Myst-style point-and-click adventures which for an interesting experience but if you don't want to pick them up individually, The Mysterious Codex is the way to go as it collects the first three installments in one pack (although you'll have to grab The Lost Sword of Toledo by separately). You play the part of Samuel Hunt, a scientist who works in London's British Museum who finds himself traveling around the world trying to learn the rules of a mysterious board game with the ultimate goal of bringing it back to his museum. The first instalment finds you exploring the museum in search of a lost artwork while the second sees you in snowy Lapland and the third in Madagascar. The gameplay is the same across all three episodes, this being a first-person point-and-click adventure with a strong focus on a variety of logic puzzles. The game do show differences which reflect their release schedule, however, with the third one boasting a richer storyline and sharper visuals. These first three episodes really are a nice little treat for genre fans as they combine stylish puzzles with an unusual storyline to great effect. The visuals are also pretty slick, with detailed environments and heaps of personality. The story really drags you in and the puzzles are varied and challenging, even for old hands at this sort of thing. The interface is sublimely simple and the only real drawback to the series is that it doesn't seem to have been finished. It seems as if 14 episodes were intended, but we only ever got four, making this an unfinished masterpiece.

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