DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon

Puzzle 2005 Windows Caravel Games Rpg

The legend starts here...

This is the first in an extensive series of superb puzzlers that continues with Journey To Rooted Hold and The City Beneath and if you haven't played any of them before, then do yourself a favor and start right here. The series has everything you want from a puzzle game, mixing elements of turn-based strategy and dungeon exploring with a surprisingly entertaining story. The narrative finds you in control of Beethro, the King's exterminator and it's up to you to guide him through an extensive series of dungeon-style levels, ridding them all of the various pests and hazards which have taken root. What this translates into is a top down adventure, reminiscent of old-school days, where you must move Beethro through the dungeons, avoiding or killing monsters, but in a more puzzle-oriented environment. The key element here though is that everything is turn-based, so you really have to think about every move you make and the puzzles on display will really challenge you every step of the way. This is perhaps not a game for the casual player, at least on first glance, but if you are prepared to invest some time in it, it's a hugely rewarding experience that will give you hours of entertainment. The game is an easy one to pick up, but difficult to master, thanks to the sheer inventiveness with which the puzzles are designed. They're rarely frustrating and are instead complex, clever and satisfying in equal measure. The visuals aren't anything special but have enough charm to get them through, but the gameplay is the star here and if you're prepared to invest the time, this will be your new best friend.

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