Mount & Blade

RPG 2005 Windows Tale Worlds First person Role playing Action Indie Fighting action Fantasy

Saddle up boys, its carnage time

Each of us know and love a specific genre of video games. Some like shooters while others like to manage thriving cities, some even like fishing games. And most people know their game genres by heart. But what would you do if a game came out that had no genre, or maybe better, it was a mix of several genres and a pinch of salt on top. Just for spice. Well, i stumbled accross one such game called Mount & Blade. Made by TaleWorlds, this RPG/RTS/FPS game is set in middle ages, but the nations within the game world are fictional. You start by choosing a character, setting up starting abilities and your background. There are several to choose from, like trader, noble, or thief. The role you take has a big impact on how you will play the game. At the beggining you get a horse, some basic gear (different for each class you choose) and few gold coins. What you do from there, is soley up to you. There is no set missions, no scenarios, nothing. It's up to you to make the best of what you have. Will you turn to raiding merchants, trading between towns, enter the service of a lord. Take a pick. In this sense the game brings something completely fresh and unseen. I actually managed to make my way up to a noble in service of a king. He even awarded me my own fiefdom, a small village barely visible on the world map. But my heart was pounding with joy, for it took me a long while to reach that status. But, i stray from the topic. After you figure out what options you have, you will come by some money. Use it wisely, either to recruit some men for your escort, or on better merchandise. Either way, the gameworld is perilous, with many bandits lurking for unsuspecting traders. You will spend many hours trying to escape from them at first, so investing some points in movement speed is a sensible path. Everything plays out smoothly, in a nice graphic setting. After some time on the main map you will engage in combat. It could be bandits, a knight from your rival kingdom or whatnot. This is where the FPS element comes into play. You and your troops will be transported to a full 3d rendered battlefield where you can sow carnage on your opponents. (similar to Medieval: Total War, but here you can actively participate)The outcome is highly dependent on the gear and training of your troops, but in most part your prowess with a sword, mace, spear or bow. Mount and charge the enemy lines with your cavalry, and then, after you break their lines, dismount and engage them helm to helm. Only objection i can think of is a bit dull sound & music, which get tiresome after a while. Try this one out, you will not regret it.

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