Air Traffic Controller

Simulation 1985 Dos Cascoly Software Flight Trade or management

ASCII graphics; traffic controlling simulation

Air Traffic Controller is, for all intents and purposes, an air traffic simulation, the brand that sets you in front of the blinking screen of a radar and asks you to control the air flow from and within the airport you are servicing. Being delivered in ASCII it sure is a game that won't sell itself on realism, not graphical realism, not even at the level of creating a simulacrum of a radar screen; however, accept its kind of graphical limitations and you will find a pretty enjoyable puzzle game in there, a very well endowed and fun one. It can be a bit boring graphically, especially if you've had the luck or unlock!) of working with PCs of yore, as it sure looks like some sort of old DOS based application. But, for the most part it delivers what it promised, a game that is about controlling traffic. Oh, and be prepared to take some time to learn it. It's a meaty game, with lots of options. Just because graphically it's minimal, options wise it's quite maximal! So, only for dedicated virtual flight controller obsessive types. Those it will surely satisfy. For more lighthearted gameplay on a seemingly similar topic download Air Trax.

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