Marble Drop

Puzzle 1997 Windows Maxis Software Brainteaser Reflex oriented

Marble me this!

The Incredible Machine series of physics-based puzzlers is a true classic set of games which anyone with an interest in stretching the old gray cells should seriously consider adding to their collection. Marble Drop is a similarly themed title which isn't quite so good as its inspiration but which is still well worth a closer inspection. It combines some cleverly designed puzzles with an easy to use interface to make an enjoyable bit of puzzling action. The idea here is that you are presented with various sets of twisted contraptions and must drop differently colored marbles into them with the aim of getting them in the appropriate bin at the bottom of the screen. As the marbles race down the screen, they will trigger various events such as springs and cannons which alter the layout of the screen and so you'll need to think carefully about where you send your marbles. There are fifty levels on offer here, and while they start out pretty straightforward, the addition of new elements means that things get more difficult quite quickly, and the later levels will provide even hardened marble veterans with quite a challenge. Marble Drop isn't as entertaining as The Incredible Machine but it still makes for an entertaining diversion. The presentation is simple enough that you can get playing without any difficulty, with a nice interface and an uncluttered screen. The puzzles are interesting and certainly challenging, but it's obvious that there's a lack of variety here which hurts the game's long term appeal. For short bursts though, this makes for a good time.

A fantastic puzzler game

This is probably one of the most original puzzle games out there. The game needs tons of concentration, speed, quick thinking and strategic mastering. And all you do is play with some marbles. This is how you make something so simple into something this complicated - there are marbles of various colors, and you have to guide these marbles through a dynamic, constantly changing maze to the end, but that's not all. You have to arrange them by colors, too. This little feat will make you break a sweat, believe me. However, it won't start by being this hard. You have 50 levels that increase your difficulty as you go. This reminds me a lot of The Lost Mind Of Dr. Brain, another great puzzle game which makes your brain work hard and train. The game is insanely fun and insanely addictive. The graphics are great and very dynamic, which is necessary for such a game to function well. The music in the background is oriental, which reminds me of the Japanese game Pachinko. All in all, the game is phenomenal and I'd suggest it firstly to kids to train their concentration and quick thinking. So, the game is fun AND useful. All possible thumbs up!

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