Alien Shooter 2

Action 2007 Windows Sigma Team Science Fiction Role playing Indie Rpg Sci fi

Intense sci-fi thrills

This follow up to the original Alien Shooter is a fast and furious science-fiction blaster that delivers on pretty much all fronts, boasting slick graphics and intense gameplay to produce a superb all-rounder perfect for fans of Crimsonland and Alien Breed. There is some pretence at a story here, with aliens attacking the Earth in the distant future and of course a bunch of tough hombres the only ones who can stop them but it's all rather superfluous really and most players are likely to gloss over this aspect of the game. However, on the gameplay front, things are much more interesting, if not overly original. In campaign mode, you have to fight your way through several isometric maps, blasting away at everything you see, while tracking down key cards, activating machines and just generally laying waste to everything in your path. There are eight characters to choose from, each with their own special skills and weapons, so whether you like to get up close and personal in the form of close combat, or take down aliens from afar with a sniper rifle, there's something for everyone here. Interestingly enough, there's also elements of RPGs with an ungradeable skill tree which allows you to improve your fighting ability, carry more items and other such things. In addition to the campaign, there is also a survival mode where you must simply survive wave after wave of the oncoming hordes and this proves just as addictive as the main game. Alien Shooter 2 might not be brimming with originality but for old-school shooting fun, this can't be beat. The controls are tight and responsive, the visuals slick and full of character and the gameplay just never lets go from the start and really it delivers all you could ask for in a shooter. Great stuff!

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