Alien Shooter: Fight For Life

Action 2004 Windows Sigma Team Isometric Aliens invasion

Mean, fast, top down keyboard and mouse controlled shooter

In the Alien Shooter series, Alien Shooter: Fight For Life is a game that gives you a bit more light of day scenarios, but, otherwise, it offers you the same shooting from top down recipe. The aliens are many, you are one; you can be one of a few classes of Serious Sam like heavy shooters! You can be more of a tank type, which can take some damage, you can be a sniper like type, who works best from afar and you can also be a specialty type, using kerosene burners and so on. At any rate, Alien Shooter: Fight For Life is a serious top down shooter, in terms of intensity; there are always lots of enemies between you and the current level mission you have. Basically, with few exceptions, what you have to do is locate the next map position, maybe an exit or an intermediary position, and, to your way there aliens (which look like Geiger inspired creatures or insectoid types) will need to be eliminated. You need to coordinate your mouse targeting with lots of roundabout and backwards strafing to avoid hits, and that's about it. Still, though, a very inciting and engrossing premise, well executed in Alien Shooter: Fight For Life.

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