Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company Science Fiction Indie Simulation Strategy Real time Sci fi

To the stars! And beyond!

If you've ever fancied taking on galaxy-spanning corporations and uncovering ancient evils at the end of the universe, then Nexus is a pretty fine way of doing. It's a tactical space game that is kind of like a space-based version of Ground Control, so if you're a fan of that game, or sci-fi strategy titles in general, this makes for a fine addition to your collection. The setting for the game is the dawn of the 22nd Century, with the galaxy under the control of powerful mega-corporations. One of these has been poking its nose into places it shouldn't have, on the far side of the universe, and has now uncovered something mysterious and probably unpleasant. What follows is an epic and very twisty story that proves both compelling and fascinating. In terms of gameplay, this is best thought of as a fleet simulator that features plenty of action and strategy as you take part in epic space battles which are highly cinematic and rarely less than thrilling. The whole thing is packed with options, including various ship types to experiment with and a whole lot more, and there really is plenty to get your teeth into here. The visuals are top notch too, with some original design work that really brings the sci-fi setting to life, and which are backed up by some fantastic audio work. The game is challenging, with an initially bewildering interface but if you're a veteran of Homeworld, you'll soon figure it all out and you'll be rewarded with a memorable and highly enjoyable piece of science fiction fun.

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