Alone in the Dark 2

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Horror Crime investigation 3D action adventure Pirates

Carnby is back in AITD2!

The original Alone in the Dark was one of the original survival horror games and stands alongside Silent Hill and Resident Evil as one of the most influential titles of the genre. This sequel is bigger and harder than it's predecessor and although it's not quite as good, it remains a fine addition to any survival horror collection. Once again, you find yourself in the shoes of Edward Carnby, private eye, when he's called in to investigate a kidnapping but which soon turns into something far more terrifying, and which involves pirates and voodoo rituals. In terms of gameplay, this is similar to the first game, being an action/adventure game which makes use of a mix of 2D/3D graphics. You'll explore some creepy environments, solve puzzles and battle zombie pirates in your quest to discover the truth, but one of the interesting things about the game is the way you can use neat little tricks to take out the bad guys, rather than just whacking them. In addition to controlling Carnby, you also get to take the role of the young girl you're out to rescue, which makes for a nice addition as these parts require quick reactions and cunning rather than brute force. AITD2 is a fine example of a decent sequel, which gets most things right. The visuals have aged rather strangely and might look odd to the eyes of modern gamers, while other aspects such as the controls are somewhat awkward, and there is less of a supernatural feeling and atmosphere this time around. Apart from these minor niggles though, this is still a great game.

Survival horror game

A man get off a taxi in front a big old gate. An old mansion is over that gate. The man is looking around... very suspicious, than leaves a bag in front of the door and... well, discover what is going to happen behind that door with Edward Carnby, the investigator of Alone in the Dark 2. Following the previous chapter, here you will investigate in a old mansion called Derceto, very scary. All the game is a mix of action and adventures element that make it very addictive, with puzzle to solve to go ahead. You must play.

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